The round 20 game against Sevilla the 25th of January were my first time being at the Curva Nord. I came in contact with the Curva Nord through the Penya Chescandinavia.

The day started at 11am, where I outside the Mestalla met Paco Rausell, who would take me to the bus to see the B-team game Valencia Mestalla – Huracan Valencia. But before leaving for the game, Paco invited me inside the Mestalla to see how the tifo for tonight’s game was being made. At the stadium Paco introduced me to some of the other members of the Curva Nord, who all made me feel welcome at the stadium. They asked me if I wanted to help with the work, which I accepted. Two of the other members, Guillermo and Dan, told me where to put the papers. What could possibly be a better view while working than the Mestalla?

We then took the bus to the Estadi Antonio Puchades, where the game was being played. On the way over there the Curva Nord boys asked me to sit with them in the bus, and Dan me asked if I wanted to have lunch with them after the game. The game itself was average, but it was a nice experience to be at the Estadi Antonio Puchades, which was close to full that day. There were some singing, good atmosphere and very nice weather (at least for a Dane). This was also when I started to learn a few of the Curva Nord songs.


Half time at the Estadi Antonio Puchades

After the game we went to a restaurant to have lunch. During the lunch I sat beside Guillermo who told me a lot about the fans in Valencia and the rest of Spain. At the lunch I also got the opportunity to talk to more of the boys from Curva Nord. Some of them were interested in the Danish fanculture, Danish football in general and life in Denmark. Some even remembered the game against FC Copenhagen in 2008. After the lunch they took me to a bar, where the conversations continued over a few beers. They thought it was very special that a Dane came all the way to watch a game in Valencia. All of the boys showed great hospitality.

After the bar, it was time to welcome the players to the Mestalla at the Plaza de la Aficíon. And what an atmosphere! People were standing all the way down Avenida de Suecia jumping and singing. There were white flags everywhere and flares when the bus came. It only took a few moments for the bus to arrive and the players to enter the stadium, but it was an intense atmosphere all the way through the arrival. I don’t remember any example in Danish football where such a receiving of the players have occurred. It was amazing that so many people of different ages and genders had gathered to welcome the players.

After the welcome for the players, it was time to enter the stadium. I entered the Curva Nord, where Guillermo gave me a Curva Nord scarf, and told me that he would give me more merchandise after the game. I saw the warm-up and 1st half with Casper who I met at Plaza de la Aficíon. I noticed Sevilla were warming up at the end in front of Curva Nord. I was told that the players from Sevilla would shoot beside goal in the warm-up to hit the fans. In the start I didn’t believe it, but after seeing Deulofeu only hitting the net one out of six times, I started to believe Casper.

The game started. 2-0 up after 32 minutes and the atmosphere was great. Especially, when the whole of the stadium sang along at the Mestalla in some songs, it was fantastic. The atmosphere hit even higher heights, when Diego Alves saved Carlos Bacca’s penalty, the whole of the stadium was electric. The songs that were sung were short, which made it easy for the whole of the Curva Nord to sing along and create a great atmosphere. In half time Guillermo asked me, if I wanted to come down to the front row, from where I saw the rest of the game. The good atmosphere continued at the 2nd half, and got even better when Javi Fuego scored the 3-1 goal. Towards the end of the game everybody was standing hands around each other’s shoulders singing. A good finish to a brilliant game and an important win.

Afterwards I said goodbye to Paco, and got some merchandise from Guillermo, who I separated from when I left the stadium, thanking him for a good day, and hoping to be back soon.

This visit to Curva Nord was my first, but definitely not my last. People from here showed great hospitality to me, and were happy to see one from other countries coming to see Valencia play. It was one of my greatest football experiences ever, and I hope to be back at the Mestalla and the Curva Nord very soon. And hopefully for some Champions League nights.